Crow and Jester Limited

Welcome to Crow and Jester

Crow and Jester is the epitome of Men’s Couture Tailoring. Each suit is a masterpiece of individually designed tailoring personally created for you by designer Simon Horsley. Each garment is personalised to your style, using only the finest fabrics, and have the artistry of a designer who has worked at the height of men’s tailoring for over 20 years.

Having worked on patterns, productions and samples for the likes of Sir Paul Smith, Nigel Cabourn and Ozwald Boateng, including creating an entire season’s sample collection for them, Simon Horsley is unique in the fashion world as he not only individually designs each suit, he tailors it too, something never before seen in the world of couture tailoring.

The word ‘Couture’ is not often associated with Men’s suits. However with Crow and Jester, Simon Horsley offers a truly one-of-a kind tailoring experience which is beyond the realms of both Made to Measure and Bespoke.

Crow and Jester represents both sides of Simon Horsley’s character. His ethos is that to create something truly individual, the designer has to give something personal from his or her own life experiences. For Simon it is all about personality driven design which has flawless detail combined with his personal twists.

Originally established in 1997, with its range of ready-to-wear shirts and suits, 2017 sees a change of direction for Crow and Jester as Simon brings his exquisite skills and passion into the world of Couture tailoring, allowing Simon to meet each client by appointment and personally create each individually designed piece of clothing inspired by his Crow and Jester ethos.