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Be On Trend This Winter 1 Nov 2016

The clocks have gone back, the temperature is dropping, and winter is on its way. Every winter sees new fashion trends become extremely popular, whilst last year’s style can become a fashion faux pas. To ensure you stay on trend this winter; Simon Horsley, Head of Design at Crow and Jester, has given his views on this season’s fashion.
There are some winter essentials which are timeless and fo...

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To Tweed or Not To Tweed 1 Nov 2016

Having originated in the Scottish Hebrides when locals created a fabric to battle the harsh winters; tweed has become a popular choice of material to wear when the weather gets colder.

The original name of the cloth was tweel – twill in Scottish – however due to an administration error the name tweed was documented and the name was created.

Originally hand woven by locals, Twee...

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Are you a Crow or a Jester? 2016 sees the return of Couture Designer Simon Horsley and Crow and Jester 25 Mar 2016

Crow and Jester is the epitome of Men’s Couture Tailoring. Each suit is a masterpiece of individually designed tailoring personally created for you by designer Simon Horsley. Each garment is personalised to your style, using only the finest fabrics, and have the artistry of a designer who has worked at the height of men’s tailoring for over 20 years.
Having worked on patterns, productions and...

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