Crow and Jester Limited

What’s the Dress Code?

Do you ever get invited to an event and worry about the dress code? Will you outfit be appropriate? Will you fit in with the crowd? Let Crow and Jester help you out as we suggest the perfect suits to wear to for some of the most popular dress codes...

  • Dress to Impress

Think black tie... The secret to a good black suit is the quality of cloth, depth of colour and the right fit.

The first thing you notice about a black suit from a distance is its silhouette; hence the perfect fit and cut is paramount. Remember black is the best colour to flatter anyone no matter what shape or height you are. Second is the quality of the cloth. For any suit, especially a solid or plain colour, the cloth quality needs to be high for it to hang well and create a stunning silhouette. Thirdly, think about the depth of the colour black. Did you know black is not a true colour? It is made up of various colours; it can be majority magenta, red, blue or grey. A true quality black cloth is one that has been dyed over three times to produce a beautiful deep and bright black.

  • Smart Casual

An opportunity to have fun... In true Crow and Jester style, you can really show your personality here as there are no rules.

When designing a suit with this dress code in mind, Simon Horsley, identifies how he would individually assess the client to try and get to know their personality and understand exactly what they would like to wear. Whether it’s a serious outfit to show off or something totally fun, there is lots of freedom to play around with silhouettes and fabrics.

  • Business Attire

Look sharp and professional... Maybe a striking pinstripe suit which shows you take pride in your appearance and enjoy wearing your work clothes.

A good weight of cloth is important to create defined lines to your suit. A mix of mohair fabrics often works well here. The width of the lapel is also important, too narrow and you look like your heading for the catwalk instead of a meeting. You want a jacket with a good peak lapel perfectly angled to the shoulder and a cut in the waist to emphasis the men’s shape.