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To Tweed or Not To Tweed

Having originated in the Scottish Hebrides when locals created a fabric to battle the harsh winters; tweed has become a popular choice of material to wear when the weather gets colder.

The original name of the cloth was tweel – twill in Scottish – however due to an administration error the name tweed was documented and the name was created.

Originally hand woven by locals, Tweed was first produced using the Scots own wool. However, in the 18th century their skills and resources became a staple industry as Tweed began to be exported to the mainland. The design was created following a request from England’s royalty and southern aristocracy who wanted to dress their staff in clan tartans when renting hunting estates in Scotland. Due to the fact Scottish clans already had their own clan tartan, new designs were made.

Simon Horsley, Head Of Design at Crow and Jester, share his thoughts on tweed, questioning the difference between summer and winter tweed and sharing his top tip for wearing the fabric.

As with all materials now, there is little need for a summer tweed or winter tweed unless you live in climates where the seasons change so dramatically. At one point in time there might have been a selection of colours which were most suited to compliment the mood of the season, i.e. autumnal colours in winter and brighter more uplifting colours for summer, however nowadays this has become far less prevalent.

Personally for me, to combat mood change depending on the season, I believes the best way to overcome this is to stand out from the mundane. Adding colour to your wardrobe in winter as well as summer can be the edge you need to lighten your day when the skies are grey.

My top tip with tweed is to wear it on days when you are feeling your best and most confident. Wear a great tweed jacket - preferably one with an accent of bright trims, a slim dark trouser or denim and your best bright brown brogues. Or team together a tweed waistcoat with a matching tweed tie to lift your black, navy blue or grey suit with a soft plaid bright check shirt. No matter who you are, people recognize a confident person or someone who takes particular care in their appearance. This is often rewarded with compliment, and who doesn’t like a compliment… 

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