Crow and Jester Limited

New Year, New Style

As we welcome in 2017 and make our way through a chilly January, it’s time to put our New Year’s resolutions into action and achieve that feel good factor everyone needs to beat the winter blues. Here are just a few fashion resolutions that you can adopt to help you achieve this! 

Wear clothes that show off your physique no matter what size or shape you are! Your body adds to your unique character and shouldn’t be hidden within baggy or unfitted clothes. When you have something personally made to measure, the designer will work to flatter your figure. Goodbye insecurities, hello complements!

Learn to stand out from the crowd using colour, fabric, design, quality and texture. Don’t fall into the trap of wearing dark and plain colours or fabric designs just because it’s winter. Add colour and depth to your look with a mix of patterns and bright colours to suit your personality. It’s easy to conform but takes an interesting man to stand out.

Stay stylish by keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Separates continue to be popular in men’s wardrobes. Use one base colour and mix using a variation of textures, shades and weights to each piece of the suit. For example, team a grey tweed waistcoat with a jacket and darker grey trousers to match.

Too often people are disappointed that the clothes they buy don’t look as good or fit as well on themselves compared to others. Therefore we believe getting the correct fit and right colour combinations to suit your personality can only be done by investing in a personal design service. 

Make an appointment with Crow and Jester and head of design, Simon Horsley, will guarantee to tailor a suit perfect for you! To book an appointment directly, please contact a member of our team on 03301 239077 or email, alternatively you can fill in the form online for appointment enquiries and a member of our team will contact you with availability.