Crow and Jester Limited

Designing the Crow and Jester Way

Unlike high street brands where clothes go in and out of fashion very quickly and designers base their clothing on what’s current; Simon Horsley’s couture tailoring approach uses a personal journey of life’s experiences when designing but always with total quality and attention to detail at its foundation. We caught up with Simon as he shares his inspirations for design, talks about drawing up sketches and describes what the atmosphere is like in his studio.........

"As a designer, I have a constant awareness of the little details around me; from a slight change in music to colours or a person’s moods. Additionally, being aware of current affairs, hairstyles and of course fashion trends and fabrics is also always on my radar. I believe that soaking up as much as possible from my current surroundings helps to keep my ideas fresh and unique."

"Mood and character is pinnacle to the designs of a Crow and Jester suit. In every appointment I aim to absorb as much of the individual’s personality and tastes as possible, even the ones they didn’t know they had! I also accept that my client’s preferences are also very valuable; after all they are the ones who will be wearing the suit. Therefore, depending on the client’s preferences, I allow them to give as much or as little input as they wish. It’s important to know when to step back and let someone go with what they know they will like."

"When it comes to drawing up designs, this also varies depending on the client; which makes my job so exciting and each suit so unique. Many of my designs are impulse orientated, meaning I draw up ideas as I talk to each client, take their measurements and discuss fabrics with them. Or if a client has seen a specific design which they would like, I will adapt my design process to ensure I follow the brief which has been give to me."

"In my studio, you will find it is full of pictures from many different life experiences. It helps me to free my mind and take inspiration from them. When I sit down to sketch , I choose to do this mostly by free hand as it makes me feel more relaxed, less contrived or rigid which you will find comes across in my designs and final pieces."