Crow and Jester Limited

Are you a Crow or a Jester?

Crow and Jester is the epitome of men’s couture tailoring. How does Simon Horsley achieve this? The man behind the thread gives us an insight into the brand and how he uses personality driven designs to create something truly individual.

How did you come up with the name Crow and Jester?

I decided to create a brand based on quality and what I have learnt through personal life experiences, rather than a brand named Simon Horsley which nobody would know of. Being a very emotive and intuitive person, realising that in life everyone has their good days and bad days, my designs reflected my mood at that particular time in my life. From this Crow and Jester was born; a representation of the two sides of my personality.

How do you describe your two personalities – the Crow and the Jester?

The Crow is my reserved, sophisticated and more refined side. It represents the days I feel self assured of who I am; I want to look my best but am secure in myself that I know this and don’t need anyone else to notice. Whilst the Jester is loud and cocky - a peacock type figure. This personality comes out when I’m having a great day and want everyone to notice me and recognise my confidence.

How do you design and tailor when working with each individual?

Everyone is different which is the beauty of what Crow and Jester is founded upon. To design a suit tailored to a personality, it is important to first make the client feel comfortable. Then it’s about reading them, taking note of the little details about the individual. I look at what they already dress in as well as listen and read between the lines as to what it is they would really like to wear. A lot of the time, people don’t wear something because of a lack of confidence. Therefore, I try and stretch the client’s outlook on their style but at the same time never make them wear something they would feel uncomfortable in.

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