Crow and Jester Limited

A Crow and Jester Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time for giving and receiving, so what have you brought someone special this year?

Our very own Simon Horsley, has been busy thinking of the perfect couture fashion pieces and accessories, which he believe would make the ideal presents for a friend or loved one this Christmas. So if you’re struggling for a last minute gift or in need of a stocking filler, here’s a few ideas . . .

  • A crisp white fitted double cuff shirt with neat topstitched body darts
  • Classy cufflinks
  • A sophisticated dark navy or black velvet bowtie
  • Perfectly fitted needle cord trousers
  • Honeycomb long square toe brogues
  • A bright check cashmere scarf

  • Or if you’re wondering what to wear on Christmas Day or wanting to look special for the New Year celebrations hopefully Simon’s wish list would have provided the perfect inspiration.

    Now, the one man who always has the perfect outfit for Christmas, is SANTA. If, by any chance Santa was to pop to Crow and Jester for a new festive suit, Simon would design one made out of a subtle tartan or silk cashmere mix with hues of bright flex and to add an unique touch (well, it is for Santa!) a combination of black and white faux pinstripe.

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from Crow and Jester.